Founded in 1987
Since its founding in the Republic of China in 1976, Minqi has been positioned to develop and manufacture stamping and continuous molds related to electronic, hardware and steam locomotive parts, and to combine printing with aluminum or PVC as the printing material. Business. From raw materials to products, all the way through the stamping process, printing, packaging and shipping to the customer's hands in one go. About the imprint printing, through each color and sub-processing, it shows the quality requirements and professional technical capabilities. In the stamping processing part, the mold processing precision is put forward in the development and design process of the mold, and the online QC inspection during the stamping processing operation is adopted, and the time is not specified, the number of sampling inspections is not specified, and the mold is perfected as before. The technical expertise and quality requirements are fully presented on the processed items in each process. All of the above specifications are in ensuring that the quality of the shipment meets or exceeds the specifications required by the customer. Technology, quality, professionalism, and credit are the basis for Minqi to give customers trust! With the above characteristics, Minqi can continue to operate and create the future in stamping processing and mold development design and manufacturing and printing.